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August 2022, 16th.

It was the eve of Independence Day in Indonesia. 🇮🇩

I prepared a LinkedIn post to celebrate and thank for the warm welcome I received when I moved here years ago.

And then, BOOM 💥, the reactions explode.

This is the beginning of a new adventure.


My name is Fabrice Gaullier, aka Om Bule.

From 2,000 followers to 6,000 in 18 months.

100% organic growth.

From 0 to 50 reactions per post in average.

More than 500 posts in 2023.

The Best: I met more new friends and business connections in the real life during that period than during the 5 previous years.


Because of that, I set myself THREE goals:

1. set up a better profile,

2. connect with a specific audience,

3. engage through content creation.  

I am not an expert, neither a so-called "influencer", 

just an explorer.

I share my failures, so that you can avoid them,

and my successes, so that you can duplicate them.

My journey is public.

Follow me on LinkedIn and connect if you like my content.

More about me?



In theory, I'm a lawyer specializing in the food industry.
No vocation, just a family "heritage."

In fact, I switched to the pharmaceutical industry to learn new things (and for the money).

Medical representative, market studies (from associate to director), sales director for Greater Paris, digital marketing director for a five-country region.


Then came the desire for entrepreneurship. 


An entrepreneur with a double activity.

1. I'm helping two Canadian companies specializing in public safety products to establish themselves in Southeast Asia.

2. I help LinkedIn users optimize their personal brand to gain visibility and impact.

And I love it! 💙

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