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Intermediate Level
Three 2-Hour Sessions Workshop
Welcome to our LinkedIn Workshop designed specifically for faux-beginners!


In this series, we aim to unlock the potential of LinkedIn for those who have basic knowledge but are eager to delve deeper.


LinkedIn is not just a social network; it's a powerful tool for personal branding, networking, and career development.


By enhancing your skills in profile optimization, networking, and content creation, you can significantly boost your professional presence and open doors to new opportunities.


Let's embark on this journey to explore, connect, and engage effectively on LinkedIn!


 Workshop 1: 
 Fundamentals of an Effective LinkedIn Profile 

Duration: 2 hours


- Understand and implement key elements of an effective LinkedIn profile.
- Optimize the profile for greater visibility.


1. Key Profile Elements:
   - Profile photo and banner.
   - Crafting an impactful headline and summary.

2. Profile Optimization:
   - Importance of keywords and skills.
   - Filling in experiences and education.

3. Practical Activity:
   - Live profile updating workshop.
   - Group exchanges and feedback.

4. Discussion and Q&A:
   - Clarification of questions and sharing of tips.

 Workshop 2: 
 Basic Networking on LinkedIn 

Duration: 2 hours


- Master the fundamental principles of networking on LinkedIn.
- Learn to establish and maintain initial connections.


1. Basic Networking Strategies:
   - How to search and identify potential connections.
   - Basic etiquette for connection requests.

2. Initial Interactions:
   - Starting conversations post-connection.
   - Participating in relevant groups.

3. Practical Activity:
   - Networking simulation exercises.
   - Group discussions on networking approaches.

4. Discussion and Q&A:
   - Tips to overcome networking challenges.


 Workshop 3: 
 Introduction to Content Creation on LinkedIn 

Duration: 2 hours


- Understand the basics of content creation and posting.
- Encourage a first approach to engaging through content.


1. Basic Principles of Content Creation:
   - Types of content (posts, articles, videos).
   - Finding relevant content ideas.

2. First Steps in Posting:
   - Best practices for writing and sharing posts.
   - Engaging with others' content to increase visibility.

3. Practical Activity:
   - Workshop for creating first posts.
   - Analysis and feedback on created content.

4. Discussion and Q&A:
   - Exchanges on the challenges of content cre


Each workshop will be interactive, including brief presentations, practical activities, and group discussions.

The focus will be on practical application and experience sharing, thus fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment for participants.

At the end of the workshops, for those who wish, we'll explain how to extend the experience through a commitment group.


± 12 attendees

Sessions take place at our offices, JL Antasari, in Jakarta Selatan, equidistant from Cipete Raya and Kemang Village.

Nota Bene - If you would like to organize these sessions on your premises (company for example), this is entirely possible.

We provide an Internet connection, as well as snacks and drinks (water, coffee, tea).
Parking is available 50 meters away.

The two-hour slot is decided between 13.00 and 17.00; we are available for 3 hours to guarantee 2 hours of 100% efficiency.
We start at the agreed time.

Participants are asked to bring their laptops and notebooks.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have access to a private online space where they can collect memory aids, checklists, templates, etc. for their own use. 

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