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To get visibility on Linkedin, you need first to set up your profile properly. From the Top to the Bottom.

People will decide in
less than 5 seconds if they "click" to know you better. Only one chance. 

Link+, you will know where you stand and what you have to do. To transform your personal brand. 🚀


Step by step, section by section, you check how good is your profile, thanks to a quiz.

  • One quiz for the Top of Profile (banner, photo, headline)

  • One for the Middle of Profile (featured, about)

  • One for the Bottom of Profile (experience, education, dll)


Within minutes, you know your personal score, and you identify your priorities to improve your profile and stop being transparent.

Bonus: we will provide you with
a check-list for each section of your profile. No excuse, you will know the best practices. 💪🏻

Nothing will happen overnight.

The most important is to start.
So that you become recognized on Linkedin,

the only professional social media,

with 900+ millions users and thousands of opportunities.

Normal price: 44,950 Rp

► One-time payment for life access.


Untitled design (3).png

29,450 Rp

* For the first 5,000 🇮🇩 subscribers.

You need to give a try before purchasing?
Click below to check your photo FOR FREE.


Take your chance

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