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Advanced Level
12-Hour Program
Transform Your Career and Business Presence on LinkedIn and Realize Your Full Professional Potential.

Imagine where you could be in six weeks:

  • a standout LinkedIn profile that captures attention,

  • a thriving network of industry leaders,

  • and a content strategy that elevates your professional brand.


Our 1:1 bespoke 12-hour program is specifically designed to turn this vision into reality.

Ideal for professionals eager for growth, job seekers aiming to differentiate themselves, and entrepreneurs seeking increased brand recognition, our program offers strategic and comprehensive coaching.

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Over the course of six weeks, with focused 2-hour sessions, you will master the three pillars of LinkedIn success: Profile, Network, and Content.

  Program Overview  

1. Profile Enhancement (Weeks 1 & 2)

Detailed Objectives and Expected Results:

→ Crafting a Stellar LinkedIn Profile:

Develop a profile that not only tells your professional story compellingly but also makes you stand out to recruiters and industry connections.

→ Optimizing for Visibility:

Learn how to make your profile more visible to key stakeholders, increasing opportunities for career advancement and professional growth.


→ Personal Branding:


Establish a strong personal brand that aligns with your career goals, enhancing your credibility and professional image.

2. Network Development (Weeks 3 & 4)

Detailed Objectives and Expected Results:

→ Strategic Networking:


Expand your professional network with meaningful connections that open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

→ Engagement Techniques:

Master effective communication strategies to engage and maintain your network, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

→ Network Maintenance: 


Learn the art of nurturing your professional network, ensuring lasting and beneficial relationships.

3. Content Mastery (Weeks 5 & 6)

Detailed Objectives and Expected Results:

→ Effective Content Creation:


Acquire the skills to create impactful content that resonates with your audience, establishing your expertise and enhancing your online presence.

→ Content Strategy Planning:


Develop a consistent and effective content strategy that keeps your audience engaged and promotes your professional brand.

→ Analytics and Adaptation: 


Understand how to use LinkedIn analytics to refine your content strategy, maximizing your reach and impact.

Practical Details

Duration: 12 hours over 6 sessions.

Format  1:1  : In-person, interactive sessions with practical activities, and personalized coaching.

As a result, we need to have a pre-meeting to assess our ability to work together. No charge.  

Materials: Online private space for follow-up, action plan and practical guides. Updated after each session. Hotline in between the sessions.

A basic LinkedIn free account is required, as well as a dedicated notebook.

Graphic design: Canva (free)

Organisation: Notion (free) is recommended.

Fee, Location, and Session Schedule*: To be agreed in-person.

* If you consider the schedule is too tight, we can adapt

Nota Bene: Due to the time required to complete this advanced program, places are very limited. Please anticipate and book early.

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This is a 1:1 program. However, it is possible (and suggested) to transform it into a 1:2 program.


This has 2 advantages:

1. the cost per participant is reduced,

2. there are immediate benefits in participants supporting each other between sessions.


Prerequisite: the 2 participants must know and appreciate each other before starting the program.


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